Wednesday, November 2, 2011

i am here....

yep, i know it's been a while.
The update on the machine is it's not working again, it was fine for about a week and then.....same issues again.
well while i am full of anticipation and looking forward to sewing. it's gotta wait until i get my new machine. I am getting a babylock grace for my birthday and christmas. my birthday is the 5th of november, so thankfully not that much longer to wait.
Apart from that, got some new fabrics. we, husband, baby and i went niagara falls over night last week. so i got some great fabric at bee fabric in niagara on the lake. and the next day on the way home in buffalo ny i dropped in on elmwood village fabrics.
So i am excitedly waiting saturday!!!.
Oh wait before i go make sure you check out the christmas gifts for quilters on Lynnes blog, lilys quilts. there is a button on this page. go there she has a very generous giveaway happening right now.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

moving right along.......

So my machine is back all shiny and new!. And yes of course i did a celebratory dance he he he.
What have i been doing i hear you ask??
OK, well i have cut out all the pieces and started piecing my new WIP. it is the "Easy brick quilt" by Amy Smart from diary of a quilter it is as the name suggests quite a straight forward project. I am enjoying putting it together.I am using the DS fabrics from Joannes in blues, reds and greens.

*On a side note, does anyone else end up with a computer so full of photos or whatever. That said computer refuses to download more photos? I am not sure that i am really a prolific photo taker. perhaps i am....well now i think of it.....there are the multiple pics of Pepper that i take each day. And to think she is only 15 months old!. Well the direction that i am headed here is that, because of no space on my computer. Today i can't upload what i have to show you.

I have joined two swap groups on the first one is the "add a border"swap. and the second is "teal we meet again". The second one has really sparked my interest!, because the colour scheme is so fabulous! we are making blocks with a wonky cross design. In red and white and teal/aqua/turquoise. Which is just the most stunning colour combinations. The group in the swap is really great fun too.

And the final thing i have in the works at the moment is Finger lakes modern quilt guild work. We are making crib quilts for charity. I have the most lovely idea for mine. And when i clear off some business from the computer i will show you everything i am up too!.

Thanks for reading! please leave me a comment if you care,
TTYS Jules ;)

Monday, September 5, 2011

sewing machine!

OK so 3 posts!.... i know, i am a frustrated person right now!. My precious sewing machine refuses to sew for me right now...... i called a recommended repair man, only it's a long weekend (Labour day) and there was no answer. i hope he is back on Tuesday. I desperately want to get going with my Tula Pink fabric!!!. I have some "prince charming" and because i love the prints so much i am going to base it on a quilt pattern from "Material Obsessions"  By Kathy Doherty and Sarah Fielke, called Avalon. It is a really simple design. using 12 FQ and has white sashing surrounding each. What i would like to do is use some coloured sashing instead. I would like to randomly use some yellow, aqua and white sashing. I will post photos as i go. Unfortunately at the moment i just have a stack of fabric to wash!.....well i suppose thats something you can't complain about!.

Thursday, August 25, 2011


Ok so i have narrowed it down to 3 palettes. you can see that my favorite colour is green!. My #1 preference changes by the minute though so we'll see which one i ultimately end up with or possibly choose some other palette that comes up on the design seeds site before we begin??.

this first one reminds me of Australia... beautiful beachy/ summery colours mmmm.

design seeds: color wave: {color wave} Tweet

This second option is just a gorgeous photo. The palette colours are beautiful, the greys with the pink and green. Probably a combination i wouldn't have thought of without the palette. And i always love when someone uses Kona ash or coal in a quilt.

And my third photo and palette i just adore and i think is the front runner at the moment. It has lots of greys!!. And that beautiful pop of colour.
So there you have it!, what do you think? Do you have a favorite? Let me know, i'd love the feedback....Thank you.

design seeds: mental vacation color: {mental vacation} Tweet

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Dead Simple Quilt Along with Lily's Quilts

Well, i have committed to a quilt along, if you have not seen it yet. It is an idea sprouted by Lynne of Lily's Quilts.You can just jump right on over to her blog with the button on the right side of my page.
 Dead simple, i like that. especially as i am trying to teach myself this quilting stuff. yes, beginner is the word.
 We have to choose a palette, there is an inspiring blog all about colour (yes, i spell it the English way!!otherwise it just looks wrong to me), design seeds go there!!.( There is also a button on the right side of my page) Warning, you will be overwhelmed with choices. The photos that Jessica has are just beautiful. However i have narrowed it down to 3 potential palettes. Lynne has links to even more palette generators on her blog.
Scheduled to begin in September or October. I am extremely excited to hear more details as they come. Get fabrics etc.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

So i "blog" now??

I certainly read an awful lot of them, so i thought why on earth not?.
I confess i am not really a great writer. That would be my baby brothers talent. But i always have a lot of stuff to say! .

So, umm a little bit more about me......My name is Julie, i like Jules. I am in my mid 30's. I am an Australian girl living in upstate New York. I live here with my gorgeous husband Rick and divine daughter Pepper.
Why the USA?, i imagine you might ask.... well, my husband and i actually met in Japan back in 2004. We were both living there teaching English. At a now defunct company of schools (which is really another story) We were placed to live in the same town and teach at the same school. So there i am from Sydney, Australia and Rick from Rochester, New York. The abbreviated version is we for some reason decided to move to the USA to get married and live.
We were married in March 2005. Pepper was born in June 2010. And that is a story that i will have to save for another post.
Goodnight xo