Thursday, August 25, 2011


Ok so i have narrowed it down to 3 palettes. you can see that my favorite colour is green!. My #1 preference changes by the minute though so we'll see which one i ultimately end up with or possibly choose some other palette that comes up on the design seeds site before we begin??.

this first one reminds me of Australia... beautiful beachy/ summery colours mmmm.

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This second option is just a gorgeous photo. The palette colours are beautiful, the greys with the pink and green. Probably a combination i wouldn't have thought of without the palette. And i always love when someone uses Kona ash or coal in a quilt.

And my third photo and palette i just adore and i think is the front runner at the moment. It has lots of greys!!. And that beautiful pop of colour.
So there you have it!, what do you think? Do you have a favorite? Let me know, i'd love the feedback....Thank you.

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  1. Oh gosh..they are all great! I love the first one (those were totally my wedding colors so I'm knd of partial). BUT the artsy fartsy side of me says go for the third one! It's dramatic and classic, simply beautiful! Hope that helps :)

    Oh, and I totally recommend doing a mock up- it really helps to see how they will 'play' with each other!

  2. I was thinking the first one, then I saw the third. Oh man, that would be stunning.

  3. thanks for your feedback, i don't think i have changed my mind!, the third palette is probably the one i will stick with.
    Annaliese, if i knew how to make a mock up. i totally would. might have to recruit the husband to help me out with that one, lol.
    Nic, i hope it's stunning when i have finished with it!.
    thanks again.

  4. Oh man...I love the middle one. But I am a sucker for that weird limey kind of green...go figure. Jules all of them are beautiful I can't wait to see which one you pick!!!

  5. I loved the first two until I got to the third. Now that is real love!

  6. Hello! I'm doing the Dead Simple Quilt with Lily's Quilts as well. It will be my very first quilt so I'm very excited. I love all of your colour palette choices, but I'm drawn to the bottom one.

  7. upstate NY huh? Au in NY! cool! thanks for stopping by my blog... Love your color palettes you picked, I love that site.. get's my mind spinning... my Milkshake grew from the color shake palette... happy sewing!