Sunday, August 14, 2011

So i "blog" now??

I certainly read an awful lot of them, so i thought why on earth not?.
I confess i am not really a great writer. That would be my baby brothers talent. But i always have a lot of stuff to say! .

So, umm a little bit more about me......My name is Julie, i like Jules. I am in my mid 30's. I am an Australian girl living in upstate New York. I live here with my gorgeous husband Rick and divine daughter Pepper.
Why the USA?, i imagine you might ask.... well, my husband and i actually met in Japan back in 2004. We were both living there teaching English. At a now defunct company of schools (which is really another story) We were placed to live in the same town and teach at the same school. So there i am from Sydney, Australia and Rick from Rochester, New York. The abbreviated version is we for some reason decided to move to the USA to get married and live.
We were married in March 2005. Pepper was born in June 2010. And that is a story that i will have to save for another post.
Goodnight xo


  1. Welcome to blogland (as a writer), Jules!

  2. Good luck on your blogging adventure, it really is quite addictive! Looking forward seeing more of you!

  3. hi. checking out your blog from the i-spy charm swap get to know you post. :) i'm in nc, but originally from upstate (western) (batavia) ny. i miss it.

    anyhow, just wanted to say hey and happy blogging!