Saturday, October 1, 2011

moving right along.......

So my machine is back all shiny and new!. And yes of course i did a celebratory dance he he he.
What have i been doing i hear you ask??
OK, well i have cut out all the pieces and started piecing my new WIP. it is the "Easy brick quilt" by Amy Smart from diary of a quilter it is as the name suggests quite a straight forward project. I am enjoying putting it together.I am using the DS fabrics from Joannes in blues, reds and greens.

*On a side note, does anyone else end up with a computer so full of photos or whatever. That said computer refuses to download more photos? I am not sure that i am really a prolific photo taker. perhaps i am....well now i think of it.....there are the multiple pics of Pepper that i take each day. And to think she is only 15 months old!. Well the direction that i am headed here is that, because of no space on my computer. Today i can't upload what i have to show you.

I have joined two swap groups on the first one is the "add a border"swap. and the second is "teal we meet again". The second one has really sparked my interest!, because the colour scheme is so fabulous! we are making blocks with a wonky cross design. In red and white and teal/aqua/turquoise. Which is just the most stunning colour combinations. The group in the swap is really great fun too.

And the final thing i have in the works at the moment is Finger lakes modern quilt guild work. We are making crib quilts for charity. I have the most lovely idea for mine. And when i clear off some business from the computer i will show you everything i am up too!.

Thanks for reading! please leave me a comment if you care,
TTYS Jules ;)


  1. Ugh, again with the MQG. Geez Jules I am just going to have to Move next door to you to join an MQG! And, where are all these swaps happening. Links please... ;)

    The baby photos will slow down, and then pick up, and then slow down. Actually, as your babe grows older it will move to Videos. We have So Many videos of our Toddler doing crazy things! Then you'll really need space on your computer...

  2. First time on your blog and I'm loving it already! I think we should be friends... :-)

  3. Nice to find another Aussie blogger. I'm stopping by from Lily's Small Blog Meet and am now following 'Oh Dear What've We Here?' Even one day without my sewing machine and I'd be lost. Looking forward to seeing and hearing about, more of your sewing.

  4. Hi Jules, coming over from Lily's SBM. Since your blog is so shiny and new I could read all the posts ;-) and I liked it! I will follow right after writing this! I am also gonna move to the States for the Love of my Life ;-) (Moving from Germany to Texas) Looking forward to reading more from you and I hope you like my blog too ;-)

  5. Coming over from small blogs. Glad you got your machine back...I hate being without mine. Enjoyed my visit.

  6. Hi there, brave new- ish blogger.
    keep it up, I am looking forward to seeing your results.

    I popped in from Lily's quilts small blogger meet, just for a nosy, though I haven't joined in.