Monday, September 5, 2011

sewing machine!

OK so 3 posts!.... i know, i am a frustrated person right now!. My precious sewing machine refuses to sew for me right now...... i called a recommended repair man, only it's a long weekend (Labour day) and there was no answer. i hope he is back on Tuesday. I desperately want to get going with my Tula Pink fabric!!!. I have some "prince charming" and because i love the prints so much i am going to base it on a quilt pattern from "Material Obsessions"  By Kathy Doherty and Sarah Fielke, called Avalon. It is a really simple design. using 12 FQ and has white sashing surrounding each. What i would like to do is use some coloured sashing instead. I would like to randomly use some yellow, aqua and white sashing. I will post photos as i go. Unfortunately at the moment i just have a stack of fabric to wash!.....well i suppose thats something you can't complain about!.

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  1. Well that's just plain frustrating! Hopefully you'll be up and running this week :-) Good luck!